General FAQ

I’m new to the sport, how do I start? Which catapult should I buy?

As with most sports, the best thing to do is get the basic equipment required and start practising. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to pick up a catapult, some band sets and some ammo and start shooting some home-made targets. We offer a few catapults that are low-cost and easy to learn with, such as our specially designed Pro-Shot Blood Sport series.


Where can I learn more about the sport to improve my technique?

We've recently created a Resources page where we'll be adding tips and tutorials to get you started. It’s also important to do some further reading on the web, watch some other tutorial videos and try to talk to others in the sport for tips. Just remember to be safe at all times; wear eye protection and know your surroundings before shooting.


Will I receive everything I need to start shooting with my order?

We send a band set and fixing strips with each catapult, as well as instructions on how to fit the bands, an authenticity certificate for your slingshot and a target to practise with. Once you've attached the bands all you need is some ammo which can be found fairly cheap on the web (try searching "9.5mm lead ball bearings" or your preferred size).


Should I order additional band sets? When should they be replaced?

We supply a strong and powerful ready-made Thera-Band band set or Tube set with each catapult but, like all catapult bands, they will tear eventually with use and will need replacing as soon as any tears appear. It always helps to have replacement bands in case you need to replace one quickly and we sell various sizes of spare bands and fixings for different catapults and purposes, and we supply enough that you can cut it down to the required length.


How do I attach the band set to my catapult?

Instructions on how to fit your bands to your slingshot are provided with each order. Please follow each step carefully and make sure your bands are fitted securely before using your catapult. Please ensure the lengths of the bands are equal on both sides and are the correct length for your active band length/draw length.

The instructions we provide are also available as a PDF to download in our Resources section. We also have several video guides (thanks to Gamekeeper John's and Bill Hay's great videos) in our Resources section which explain in better detail how to attach different styles of bands to different slingshots, how to calculate your draw length/active band length and even how to make your own band sets.


What ammo should I use?

You should only ever use lead or steel ball bearings (or ammunition specifically designed for slingshots). Common sizes are 9.5mm to 14mm however some may use smaller or larger sizes. Do not use stones, marbles or any other small objects as you may damage your bands, your catapult or even yourself or somebody else.


What is the difference between TTF and OTT flat band sets?

These are different styles of shooting, and require different band setups:

OTT (Over-The-Top) - the bands are fixed horizontally along the top of the forks. The OTT bands we sell are set up with the bands attached at a 90° angle to the pouch so that the ammo pouch remains vertical and the bands stay horizontal when shooting.

TTF (Through-The-Fork) - the bands are set up vertically on the outside edges of the forks so that the shot is fired through the forks. The TTF bands are set up with the bands attached in line with the pouch so both the bands and the pouch remain vertical when shooting.


What’s the different between your Aluminium, Brass and Bronze catapults?

The most obvious difference is the weight and appearance. Aluminium is much lighter than Brass and Bronze. Some may argue that one material is better than the other for one reason or another but more than this it comes down to personal preference… What feels more comfortable for you to carry and shoot?


Should I replace my catapult if I’ve damaged it?

All our metal catapults will last forever if they’re looked after properly. Small dents and a few minor fork hits won’t affect the performance of the catapult but you need to keep an eye on this as further damage or significant damage will mean it is no longer safe and will need replacing. This is especially true if it has significant damage to the forks such as several large fork hits, it’s better to be safe and replace it than risk hurting yourself or others with a damaged catapult.


Can you cast a custom catapult from a prototype I have? How much will it cost?

Yes we can, and we’ve done a lot of these already. We would have to see the prototype first before we could quote a price. Please contact us for more info


Shipping FAQ

How long will it take for my order to be dispatched?

If we receive your order before 12pm (UTC) we will do our very best to dispatch it the same day provided we have it in stock, any orders received after 12pm (UTC) will likely be sent out the next day. Occasionally we do run out of stock and we will contact you straight away if there will be any delays to your order. Please note that any orders received between Friday and Sunday will not be processed until Monday morning.


How long will shipping take?

We use Royal Mail 1st Class Signed For service for our UK deliveries and Royal Mail International Tracked & Signed for international shipping.

1st Class Signed For (UK Only) – The Royal Mail aim to deliver the next working day after dispatch, however this is not a guaranteed service and sometimes it can take up to a week before it arrives, especially if you live in the Scottish Highlands or Northern Ireland.

International Tracked & Signed – The Royal Mail aim to deliver to Europe within 3-5 working days after dispatch and worldwide within 5-7 working days after dispatch, however this is not guaranteed and can take up to 4 weeks to arrive.

Please be aware that sometimes this is only a tracked or signed service in some countries, please see the link below for more information:


Notice for International buyers: You are responsible for abiding by any local laws regarding the importation of products we sell, please check your local import restrictions and laws prior to ordering from us. You are also responsible for any customs and import duty charges that may be applicable in your country.


I think my order might be lost in transit because it still hasn’t arrived?

If you’re a UK customer, please allow 10 working days from the dispatch date, we cannot make any enquiries or claims with the Royal Mail before this time.

If you’re an international customer, please allow 25 days from the dispatch date before contacting us, we cannot make any enquiries or claims with the Royal Mail before this time.

Please check with your local customs office and contact us if it’s been this long and you still haven’t had your delivery. We will contact the Royal Mail on your behalf and try to locate your missing delivery.

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