About Us

All our catapults are manufactured in the UK using traditional casting and finishing methods that can be traced back to Roman times. We manufacture and finish all our products in our family owned and run foundry based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, which has over 35 years experience in the manufacturing of high quality castings.

Our catapults are all hand cast by one of our experienced foundry men using traditional `green-sand' foundry techniques before being hand finished by time honoured buffing and polishing local craftsmen. Sheffield has a long established worldwide reputation in traditional buffing and polishing hand finished products

We only use high-quality virgin ingots in all our castings to make sure we product only the best quality cast metal catapults, and we quality check all our products prior to dispatch to ensure your order arrives in top condition.

We're proud to work alongside so many great names in the catapult/slingshot communities and we attend shooting competitions as part of "Team Gamekeeper Pro-Shot". Please check out our Facebook Page for the latest news and information regarding new products as well as competitions we'll be attending.

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