Pro-Shot® Super 10 Shot Bean Ammo Mould

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Material: Teflon Coated Aluminium
Length: 420mm
Width: 100mm
Shot Size: 8mm x 12mm bean
Weight: 1.4kg


A high quality mould for casting your own lead ammunition. With over 45 years in the casting industry, Pro-Shot's expert foundry technicians have designed the ultimate catapult/slingshot bean ammo mould. The moulds have been designed to meet the needs of the hobby caster to be reliable as well as remaining safe at all times during casting there ammo with the wooden handles allowing the user to keep total control of the mould at all times whilst casting their molten lead.

Our unique super 10 shot bean ammo moulds feature a two gang saw runner system each producing 5 solid beans. The runner system is like no other mould on the market and has been designed by our in house Methods Engineer to produce a very solid bean, using the minimum amount of lead in the runner system thus giving you a good casting yield. Another feature of the moulds is they are coated in Teflon, which not only gives a good surface finfish to the cast bean ammo but it also prolongs the life of the moulds by not allowing the aluminium moulds to oxidise.

** DISCLAIMER ** Please note: The super 10 shot catapult/slingshot ammunition moulds are designed only to make lead ammunition fit for shooting from a catapult/slingshot, and is not to be used for musket loads or any other purpose.

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