Moorhammer (Aluminium)

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Designed by Joerg Sprave - The Slingshot Channel. Made by Pro-Shot Catapults

Length: 130mm
Fork Width: 105mm
Shooting Gap: 85mm (w) x 25mm (d)
Weight: 225g


Joerg Sprave ( based this design on a wooden prototype that was made from 4000 years old moor oak. This 'Hammerhead' design variation is the culmination of many different slingshots Joerg Sprave built over the course of several years. It is a high performance frame, to be shot exclusively in the 'hammer grip' or 'pistol grip' shooting style. This style allows the strongest bands, but can be used equally well with light target setups. It is very low over the hand, making clumsy wrist braces obsolete. But due to the gently curved fork outline, it can be shot without any wrist flipping. Therefore, beginners and experts alike can take their shooting to new levels.

The handle is the key to the desired full control over the frame under the strain of heavy bands. The shape has to be different than a knife handle, simply because the pressure points are unique for handheld slingshots. The Moorhammer has been optimized for that task with great care and lots of iterations. Even though functionality was the most important goal, the design is truly elegant. The dramatic curves and the depth of the frame is unique and as pleasing to the eye as it feels in the hand.

Includes 1 band set with leather ammo pouch, a target and assembly instructions.

Please note: We do not fit the bands, instructions are provided and are also available as a pdf in the resources section

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